Ethiopia and the Bale Mountains

The Bale Mountain National Park is an important biodiversity hotspot and water tower. It stores the rains that fall in the wet season and releases the water slowly during the dry season, providing water for some 30M people downstream in Ethiopia, northern Kenya and Somalia.

From its highest point on Tulu Dimtu is 4,389m, the road drops steeply, from the afroalpine plateau, through the giant erica belt, bamboo and down to the Harenna forest.

It is home to the endangered and enigmatic Ethiopian wolf on the plateau and to lions, leopards and the elusive Bale monkey in the forest – not to mention the raptors that can be seen at close quarters and the many endemic species that can be found in all the habitats.

There are challenges however, overgrazing and population increase threaten the interdependant ecosystems of the park and there are few provisions for tourists. Nevertheless, it is a spectacular place to visit, especially now, while so few people know about it.

As the official website says – One Park Many Worlds

For more images please follow: @sera_james

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