Art and science|Environmental Conflicts residencies


ACES, Environmental Conflicts

In 2013 Sera James Irvine and Steve Redpath led a residency project for 6 artists to work with 9 scientists and social scientists to explore the complexities of environmental conflicts.

The project provided time to exchange ideas, share working methods and to explore how conflicts arise.

The artists

Richard Craig, flautist.
Helen Denerley, sculptor.
Jo Falla, author.
Matt Hulse, film maker.
Alan McKendrick, playwright.
Sera James Irvine, artist.

The scientists
Bill Adams, Cambridge.
Maggie Gill, Edinburgh.
Justin Irvine, James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen.
Aly McCluskie, RSPB.
Pete Moore, Inverness.
Steve Redpath, University of Aberdeen.
Paul Rogers, Bradford.
Bill Slee, Aberdeen.
Rebecca Wade, Abertay University.

The project was funded by Creative Scotland and The University of Aberdeen.



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